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Shakespeare in a Week is a bold and ambitious workshop that strives to build confidence in actors by creating a safe space to practise and train your Shakespeare muscles. At Bard City we believe that everyone has the ability to access Shakespeare's words and stories but often we are blocked by a feeling of not understanding or intimidation that feels difficult to overcome. In Shakespeare in a Week we celebrate the plays in the way they are intended; to be done. And done quickly. We tackle an act a day and work together to tell the story. By the end of the week we do a small sharing of the work in order to interact with an audience and complete the theatre process. Our ethos of "connection not perfection" is at the forefront of this work. We are never trying to achieve something perfect but we alway strive to find moments of connection within the company, with the text and also with ourselves. 

Prices vary for this workshop. Check out our upcoming events page for more details or email to be added to our mailing list.

Scholarship places are available for all courses. Please enquire directly if you would like to apply for one. 

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